Time Table

The program for the event is currently being discussed with FISA and will be announced early December 2018.

The following events are part of the official World Rowing Cup program:

  • W2-
  • M2-
  • W2x
  • M2x
  • W4-
  • M4-
  • W1x
  • M1x
  • LW2x
  • LM2x
  • W4x
  • M4x
  • W8+
  • M8+


A Paralympic program will be added to the event.


  • PR1 W1x
  • PR1 M1x
  • PR2 Mix 2x
  • PR3 Mix4+

The following events will be held as International Events

  • LW 1x
  • LM 1x
  • LW 2-
  • LM 2-
  • LW 4x
  • LM 4x

A Para International program will also be held


  • PR2 W1x
  • PR2 M1x
  • PR3 W2-
  • PR3 M2-
  • PR3 Mix 2x

Besides the official FISA events, the organizing committee is preparing additional events. We hope to announce these events on a short notice!


We would like to notify team managers that during the World Rowing Cup there will be two other large events in the Rotterdam region, being the North Sea Jazz festival and the World Port Baseball Tournament.
This will put some stress on the availability of accommodation.
Our accommodations partner ATPI has been able to block sufficient hotel capacity for the World Rowing Cup needs. However, we strongly recommend liaising with them to make your required reservations before October. Our ATPI booking team is managed by Barbara van de Rest, and you can reach them on or by phone at +31 (0)20-2011215.

Weather Information

The Netherlands features a very moderate climate due to the proximity of the North Sea. The Rotterdam Regatta is held during the Dutch summer, with average daily highs of 22°C and nighttime lows of 13°C (also on average). We typically see 16 days of rain throughout July, but we expect the sun to come out as well. According to historical meteorological data, 7 hours of sun a day is a fair estimate.

Occasionally we see summer days reaching 30°C highs. This typically goes hand in hand with high humidity and occasional thunderstorms in the evenings.

For a more detailed description, please visit this website.


Not sure if you need a visa to visit the Netherlands for the regatta?

Please check this website to find out.