Holland Beker Events


The Koninklijke- Holland Beker has a legacy in single scull events. World class elite rowers race together with international student crews and juniors single sculls at the same regatta course. The traditional main events, Women’s Single Scull Ladies’ Trophy and Men’s Single Scull Holland Beker have beenĀ  incorporated in the World Rowing Cup program. Together with FISA, we carved out time in our programme to offer juniors and students the opporunity to race at this World Rowing Cup edition too. We have a fixed number of additional events with a maximum number of contestants. Below, you will find more information on these events. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us via regatta@rotterdamregatta.com. Other regatta related information can be found on the Athletes page.


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Besides the FISA World Rowing Cup and Para-rowing events, the Holland Beker also offers the following additional events:

Doubles Quads Eights
(91) Junior W 2x (93) University W 4x (95) University W 8+
(92) Junior M 2x (94) University M 4x (96) University M 8+
(97) Corporate 8+

These events are held on an 8-lane course, under FISA Rules of Racing, and are open to international crews. According to the preliminary time-table, heats are held on Friday evening July 12th, Finals A will be held on Sunday morning July 14th.

Junior events

For the junior events, the normal FISA rules of racing apply. A rower may compete in a Junior rowing event until 31 December of the year
in which he reaches the age of 18. This applies to events (91) and (92).

University events

For the University events (93), (94), (95) and (96), all contestants must:

  • Be at least 17 and less than 25 years of age on January 1st in the year of the event;
  • Be officially registered for and pursuing a full-time course of study at a university or similar institute whose status as a university is recognized by the appropriate national academic authority of their country;
  • Be former students of the institutions mentioned in 2) above who have obtained their academic degree or diploma in the year preceding the event.

The rules above are derived from the FISU definition of a university crew. The crew must fullfill the other requirements as defined by FISA Rules of Racing as well.

Limited entries

  • For each event a maximum of 16 crews can enter;
  • For Dutch crews applies; all entries have to be approved by the national federation KNRB;
  • In cases the regulations regarding these events are unclear or require additional ruling, the Competition Manager of the Organizing Committee will decide.

Entries and race schedule

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All athletes (rowers and coxwains) will find their accreditiation ready at the accreditation center. The accreditation center is found at the entrance of the ventue (2 in the map below).

Boats arrival and storage

Boats can be delivered to the venue until Thursday evening. Please report to the athlete’s information desk upon your arrival to get the designated storage location for your boat (in contrast to national regattas, all boat storage is assigned). Trailers should be parked at P2 (see the image below for the location of P2, it’s the old parking lot of the Willem-Alexanderbaan).


During the Holland Beker events, athletes can park at P2. A free and frequent shuttle service will then take you to the venue.