We’re currently offering tickets for visitors to enjoy the World Rowing Cup III Finals. Through our webshop you are able to purchase passe-partout tickets to enjoy each day of the event or seperate tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
In addition, we’re offering free tickets for children under the age of 18, when combined with a valid ID (passport/ European ID/ European driver’s license) and we’re offering discounted tickets to groups.

Events at WRC3

Besides international top rowing, many events and activities are organised on the Willem-Alexanderbaan. People who are not familiar to the rowing sport can learn how to row in a special area. Aegon will arrange a picknick area, get your basket full of food and drinks and sit down in a comfortable chair. There will be a foodcourt to get a good cup of coffee, snack, lunch or a cold beer. For kids there is a bouncing castle and much more.


The entries are closed. Below is the time table based on the entered number of contestants. The time-table is provisional until the Team Managers meeting, held at Thursday July 11th 15:00 hrs.



The venue is easily reached by car. Point your favorite navigation tool towards the following address: Nely Gambonplein 1, Zevenhuizen

Our volunteers will guide you to the closest parking lot upon your arrival.

Please note: Road works

Due to maintenance, the motorway A20 from Gouda towards Rotterdam will be closed from Friday, 5 July 22:00 hrs until Monday, 8 July 5:00 hrs and Friday, 12 July 22:00 hrs until Monday, 15 July 5:00 hrs (see this website in Dutch for more details). For our visitors this could imply some delays and a different route. We recommend to use an online satellite navigation system to find the best possible route.

  • Visitors arriving from the Rotterdam area and further South (Brabant, Zeeland) are expected to reach the regatta venue via normal, shortest route. On their way home, they should leave the regatta course towards The Hague.
  • Visitors arriving from the Utrecht area should follow the “A12” towards The Hague, and then exit 9 “Zevenhuizen”. Follow signage towards Zevenhuizen to find our regatta course.
Public Transport

To reach the venue using public transport, you can plan your trip using this website (destination “Nely Gambonplein” in Zevenhuizen”). This will include a ride in the special World Rowing Cup shuttle bus. Your entire trip needs to be paid with the “OV chipcard”, the tariff is found via the website above.

Venue plan


We would like to notify you that during the World Rowing Cup there will be two other large events in the Rotterdam region, being the North Sea Jazz festival and the World Port Baseball Tournament.

This will put some stress on the availability of accommodation.

Our accommodations partner ATPI has been able to block sufficient hotel capacity for the World Rowing Cup needs. However, we strongly recommend liaising with them to make your required reservations before October. Our ATPI booking team is managed by Barbara van de Rest, and you can reach them on or by phone at +31 (0)20-2011215.